Inequality and Life Course Workshop - Fall 2016

Thursdays, 12:00p-1:30p

210 Prospect Street, Room 203

The workshop focuses on theoretical and methodological issues in the areas of the life course (education, training, labor markets, aging as well as family demography), social inequality (class structures, stratification, and social mobility) and related topics. The core of the workshop is devoted to the discussion of ongoing research by faculty and graduate students. The workshop will also include lectures and hands-on practical training in select topics in quantitative research methodology.

Workshop Schedule and Speakers

September 15    David Grusky (Stanford University)
The Death of the American Dream

NOTE: Special time - 1:30-2:50
September 22   Brian McCabe (Georgetown University) 
No Place Like Home: Wealth, Community & the Politics of Homeownership 

September 29   Hirokazu Shirado (Yale)
Inequality Based on Reciprocity in Experimental Sharing Networks

October 13   Joscha Lewegie (Yale)
Aggressive Policing and the Educational Achievement of Minority Students

October 20   FALL BREAK

October 27   Lloyd Grieger (Yale)
The New Social Program Participants: Evidence from the Federal Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program

November 3   Daniel Hirschman (Brown University )
Rediscovering the 1%: Economic Expertise and the Power of Stylized Facts

November 10   Donald Treiman (University of California, Los Angeles /Yale)
The Consequences of Political Class Background (Jiating Chushen) in the People’s Republic of China

November 17   Michael Spittel (National Institutes of Health)
Funding Opportunities for the Behavioral and Social Sciences at the NIH: A Perspective from the OBSSR


December 1   Kristin Turney (University of California, Irvine) 
Beyond Incarceration: Criminal Justice Contact and Mental Health

Papers are only available to participants of this workshop. If you are not a participant and you would like to request a paper, please contact the speaker directly.