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Natalie Nitsche


Natalie Nitsche is a quantitative family sociologist and social demographer. Her research investigates family formation dynamics and gendered life course outcomes. She has two main lines of research. One focuses on the intersection of educational and union-formation & childbearing trajectories. The other examines gendered dynamics in families and tries to understand where they come from and what their consequences are. Much of her work employs a couple-perspective, arguing that both partners and the interactions between them need to be taken into account in order to fully understand family formation processes and gendered dynamics in families.
She has, for instance, investigated 1) the effect of gender ideology and relative resources of both partners on the division of housework; 2) the interrelatedness of sibship sex-composition and majoring in a STEM discipline in college; 3) the impact of social norms on childbearing behavior, and 4) the effect of educational pairings of both partners on birth progressions among couples.
Natalie Nitsche received her Ph.D. in 2014 and is currently a post-doc at the Vienna Institute of Demography in Austria. Her work was supported with a NSF Dissertation Improvement Grant and with a highly selective Marie-Curie fellowship from the European Commission.